Maintaining Trust in a Blockchain Network

October 2017

Blockchain networks are built on verifiable trust based on certificates to ensure auditability of transaction data. Generated certificates require a chain of trust. When certificates expire it is necessary for them to be renewed while maintaining the trust relationship among blockchain peers. In this paper we discuss the use of certificates in a blockchain network, why they are important and the process of renewing certificates when they expire.

Blockchain Meets Modern Cyber Security Threats

September 2017

Cyberattacks are attacks by digital means perpetrated by individuals, organizations, and governments that target computer systems and infrastructure, with the aim of stealing information, disrupting or destroying operations, or holding information for ransom. Blockchain technologies combine recent advances in cryptography, databases, and computer networks to provide a secure infrastructure for enterprise data storage and sharing.

Unlike traditional approaches, in a Blockchain network multiple groups within an organization and possibly across organizations maintain nodes to increase system reliability, redundancy, and resilience. Enterprise systems built on blockchain technology, designed to be deployed across multiple organizations, provide a modern cyber defence that always treats the network as hostile. Importantly, this modern approach is compatible with legacy perimeter based configurations but further protects sensitive information assets that are not normally protected when the perimeter is breached.

Luther Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture

June 2017

The Enterprise is a dynamic environment, shaped by a number of factors including the evolution of business requirements and technologies. Ultimately this evolution is driven by the need to increase efficiency and reduction of costs. We introduce a new architecture, that addresses many of the limitations of existing architectures and their evolution.

Smart Contract Revolution for Enterprise Process Efficiency

May 2017

Enterprises evolve over long periods of time belonging to multiple organizations and groups. These systems are comprised of services that have their own often changing requirements, technologies and operations. As a result processing is slow and unreliable. Blockchain technology provides a new approach that reduces many of the inefficiencies and costs. We review the benefits of Blockchain based architectures.