Technical Product/Program Manager

London, UK

Luther Systems is a leading Blockchain Technology Company. We are building the next generation technology company. We are looking for a superstar Product Manager to lead our product development efforts. You will:

  • Own the products: why, what, when?

  • Have experience with agile development methodology

  • Ability to effectively prioritize user requirements and development efforts for product success

  • Manage a development team’s backlog - write and prioritize stories, manage the roadmap

  • Strong communication and presentation skills, with customers and development team.

    • Effective at understanding, articulating and meeting clients technical and business requirements

  • Make decisions on scope to deliver value in small increments as quickly as possible

  • Understand the minimum viable product (MVP) - prioritize what is needed for launch to learn as quickly as possible

  • Manage relationships with stakeholders – be the go-to person for a wide range of colleagues and clients, enable fast decision making, keep track of deadlines and agendas

  • Clear and expansive vision of the product life cycle from development, deployment, launch, release, communication, maintenance

  • Support existing clients - add new features and deal with client issues

  • Analyze data to define, drive & prioritize optimization and KPIs

What we’re looking for

  • Do you get things done? Are you eager to make a difference for clients?

  • Do you know how to manage information overload? Are you meticulously organized? 

  • Do you like solving complex problems? Can you simplify complexity?

  • Can you act as a translator between developers and business stakeholders?

  • Do you like every day to pose a new set of challenges?

  • Are you able to get to the bottom of a problem, rather than just accept someone else's solution?

  • Do you know how to prioritize small stories, large epics, and projects against each other?

  • Are you excited about the future and the opportunities that can be unlocked through technology? Can you motivate and drive teams through your energy and optimism?

  • Are you strongly detail focused?


  • Technical, analytical, engineering background

  • At least 2 years experience with product management

  • Experience in enterprise products

    • Databases and possibly networks, distributed systems and cryptography 

  • NOT have Blockchain experience

Are you an ambitious, proactive individual who is looking to build a career with a fast-growing technology company? 
Do you thrive when challenged to come up with better ways to do things? Do you express yourself and have plenty of ideas, but interested to hear others’ too? 
Do you work hard, learn fast, and do whatever it takes to get the job done, but know how to enjoy yourself on a Friday night?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact: