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Allianz ICS, built on Luther platform, wins EFMA & Accenture innovation in insurance award

Allianz ICS, built on Luther platform, wins EFMA & Accenture innovation in insurance award

Allianz International Claims Settlement (ICS) application provides validation and settlement of car insurance claims between operating entities (regions) across Europe. It has been in production just over one year.

Using the Luther platform at its core, ICS settles tens of thousands of cross entity claims all across 25 countries in Europe, with hundreds of millions processed in claims value. It has had 33 releases in production with zero down time.

Luther platform provides the operating system (script) to orchestrate and execute ICS automated operation.

The ICS application has enabled Luther to prove and demonstrate the value, benefits and scalability of the platform and its expansion possibilities going forward.

Allianz ICS wins EFMA & Accenture innovation in insurance award

Think of multiple similar processes running on the same platform. We need to make fragmentation across complex processes a thing of the past. It's like building a railroad network, where we just built the first rail-track. 

And once we do this, there are multiple applications we can build on top of this network. These include offering car sales and insurance in one package from two separate entities, processing accidents, claims and repairs in the same package from three separate entities. We know the car manufacturer and the details of the components, the car's utilization history, the accident details, the insurance policy, the drivers account details, and what needs to be fixed, and by which supplier. Each of these steps is a complex process, each operated with friction, each siloed! We need to get each of these processes automated, then connected. When we have an accident the only concern should be what type of smoothie to get on the way home.

Automating car claims billing settlements is a big step forward in accelerating the advent of the automated enterprise.

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