Organize enterprise processes

We buy insurance, we have medical records, we pay rent, we get mortgages, we pay taxes, we pay bills, we get drivers license, …

There is an enterprise process behind each one of these day to day activities and numerous others.

Each of us deal with enterprise processes multiple times a day, we just don’t see them.

At Luther we are changing the way enterprise processes work,

so we have a far better experience the next time we enterprise.

Streamline enterprise processes leveraging blockchain technology

Luther is working with multiple enterprises to streamline the

connectivity, execution, verification, visibility and storage of enterprise process events and data.

We are building the next generation of enterprise applications which

streamline end-to-end business processes and cut across organizational boundaries.

Our products provide easy to implement, secure, low cost software, which complements existing enterprise infrastructure,

to address enterprise process and data legacy issues and enable new enterprise applications.

Our Specialized Products

Insurance Claims Processing

Streamlining end to end insurance claims processing pipeline including suppliers.

Insurance Claims Fraud Detection

Detection of fraudulent claims across insurers while preserving claims privacy.

Real Estate Lease Contract

Streamlining end to end processing of rental contract reviews for index based commercial lease contracts.


Who we're working with 

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Luther Systems is glad to announce that we have completed the requirements for a Service Organisation Control (SOC) 2 Audit covering our blockchain products.